Mediation (also known as conflict resolution or dispute resolution) is an alternative to costly and lengthy litigation and court battles.  AND unlike court or arbitration, mediation has many benefits for people going through Separation and Divorce.

  • quicker and less costly than litigation
  • privacy and clarity in what may otherwise be a difficult negotiation or conversation,
  • control of your own outcomes, rather than a judge or arbitrator controlling it,
  • the opportunity to create an agreement that is acceptable to all parties,
  • a chance to retain an amicable relationship, and
  • a higher prospect of compliance with any mutually agreed upon decision.

Not only is mediation cost effective and saves you money, but it is also timely, privateconfidential, and provides you an opportunity to seek clarity and understanding of differing perspectives in what may otherwise be a difficult negotiation or conversation.

Contact McMurray Mediation to discuss your separation and divorce process. We can help you establish agreements related to all aspects of Parenting Plans, Child and Spousal Support, and Property Division.

We also work with families on other issues, including:

  • Access and schedule disputes
  • Parent-child conflicts
  • Parent-grandparent disputes
  • Separation, property and support issues
  • General family disputes

Additional Services:

  • Workplace Mediation
  • Conflict management coaching
  • Meeting facilitation

Contact McMurray Mediation for a no-charge, confidential phone consultation. 780-713-5411. Mediations can normally be scheduled within a few days.